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Nike Dunks: The Ultimate Statement in Streetwear

Step into the world of Nike Dunks, where timeless design meets contemporary style. These popular sneakers have been a classic streetwear staple since their debut in 1985, and they're waiting for you right here at The Vault, Australia's leading online store for limited edition items.

Panda Dunks: Black-and-White Streetwear Masterpiece

Among the myriad of styles and colourways of Nike Dunks, the bold black-and-white Nike Panda Dunk Low stands out. A surefire conversation starter, these Panda Dunks are designed to pair seamlessly with any outfit. Add a twist of the unexpected to your streetwear game with these Nike Dunk Panda Lows.

Find Your Perfect Nike Dunks in Australia

The Vault is your gateway to an extensive range of Nike Dunks, from the casual Nike Dunk Low to the more distinctive Nike Dunk Highs. Our online collection is bursting with options, making it easy for you to find a style that perfectly matches your personal vibe.

Why Nike Dunk Panda?

The Nike Pandas, often touted as one of the most successful releases of all time, offer a timeless, versatile look. Its black-and-white colourway is universally flattering and can be paired with a multitude of outfits, making these Nike Panda Dunks a must-have for any sneaker enthusiast in Australia.

Your Comfort, Our Priority

Nike Dunks not only provide style but also ensure comfort for everyday wear. Similar to the comfort level of Converse or skate shoes, these sneakers come with flat soles and high-quality materials, promising comfort with every step you take. To make your Panda Dunks even more comfortable, consider adding a cushioned insole for an extra spring in your step!

The Vault: Your Online Destination for Nike Dunks

With The Vault, purchasing your favourite Nike Dunks, including the sought-after Panda Dunks, has never been easier. Browse our extensive collection, select your ideal size, and have your sneakers delivered to your doorstep within days.

Questions About Nike Dunks? We’ve Got Answers!

Whether you're wondering about the best way to wear your Nike Dunks, the most popular models, or how to lace your Nike Dunk Highs, our friendly team at The Vault is always ready to assist. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for any inquiries about our Nike Dunks collection or anything else in our store.

Nike Dunks are a tribute to basketball and the enduring style of the sport. Whether you're active or simply love casual streetwear, you'll find a pair of Nike Dunks that perfectly complements your style at The Vault. Shop the best collection of Nike Dunks, including the renowned Panda Dunks Low, in Australia, only at The Vault.


A classic staple of any streetwear wardrobe, the Nike Dunk is one of the most popular sneakers of all time! With hundreds of styles, models and colourways to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a pair that suits your personal style.


Whether you’re searching for a casual pair of Nike Dunk Lows or a unique model of Nike Dunk Highs, you’ll find just what you need at The Vault.

The Nike Dunk Panda is a bold black-and-white colourway that pairs perfectly with any outfit. Or check out the Nike Dunk Royal and Nike Dunk Pink for attention-grabbing colours.


The Vault has become known as one of the best places to find streetwear looks online. Simply explore our collection, choose the perfect size, and receive your Nike Dunks in just days!

Our friendly team is always available to help, so reach out to us with questions about our Nike Dunks collection or anything else on our online store.


What Are Nike Dunks?

Nike Dunks are super popular sneakers that have been bestsellers since their release back in 1985.

Paying homage to basketball and the sport’s enduring style, Nike Dunks are perfect for both active and casual wear. With hundreds of styles and colours to choose from, you’re able to create an endless array of streetwear looks.

The Vault is home to one of the best collections of Nike Dunks in Australia. Explore our store and shop online now.

What’s The Best Way To Wear Nike Dunks?

How you wear your Nike Dunks depends on the style you choose.

Nike Dunk Lows look great with anything, but particularly casual summer looks. They pair particularly well with basketball shorts and loose, cool fabrics.

Nike Dunk Highs are better suited to cooler months and work well with tracksuit pants or jeans. Rolling up the cuffs suits this shoe and creates a casual look that accentuates your hightops.

What Are The Most Popular Nike Dunks?

Consistent topping the bestseller list, the Nike Dunk Panda is often considered one of the best releases of all time. This classic, timeless colourway pairs with just about any outfit. Black-and-white never ages, and the popularity of this shoe proves it. If you’re searching for a pair of Nike Dunks that delivers undeniable style, choose the Nike Dunk Panda!

Are Nike Dunks Comfortable?

Absolutely! With their mix of style and performance, the Nike Dunk is one of the best shoes you can choose for everyday wear.

Think of Nike Dunks as similar to Converse or skate shoes in their level of comfort. Simple, flat-bottomed and created with soft, well-made materials, they’re the perfect choice for comfortable everyday wear.

If you want to add an extra layer of comfort to your kicks, try inserting an insole. This luxurious cushioned feel will be sure to put a spring in your step!

How Do You Lace Nike Dunk Highs?

Nike Dunk Highs have extra lace loops to secure the upper portion of the shoe to ensure maximum comfort. To lace the Nike Dunk Highs, just criss-cross the laces over each other and secure with a standard blow.